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Company back

       Shandong enjoys a reputation of being the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, and the land of ceremony and propriety.

      In the middle of Shandong Province stands Mount Tai, the top of the five great mountains in China, stretching eastwardly to Xintai City where a "New Star" of the steel industry ¨C Shandong Taifeng Steel Co., Ltd ¨C is rising brilliantly.

      Shandong Taifeng Steel Co., Ltd is located at the intersection of Boxu Road and Jixin Road in Hi-tech Development Zone of Xintai City, which is about 5km from Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway, about 300km from Qingdao Port, about 200km from Rizhao Port and an hour bus ride from Jinan Airport.

      Our company is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production, research and development of pipes with a registered capital of RMB 106 million and total investment amount of 0.63 billion. Its floor area and building area are 360000and 26800 square meters respectively. Our company has 560 employees among which there are 78 technical personnel with the middle-level title. In view of their constant efforts and high enthusiasm, our company is trying its best to become one of the most world-renowned large enterprises.

      The Company is well-equipped and masters advanced workmanship and technology. The HFW  610 welded pipe mill has introduced today¡¯s world-class petroleum steel pipes manufacturing technology and equipment, including the forming machine and milling saw from Japan, the solid state high frequency welder from Norway, and the servo motor from Germany. And other equipment is manufactured by famous factories at home.

      Currently, we are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Consequently, we as a part of the company should exert our utmost efforts to seek inspiration and innovation with high enthusiasm under the guidance of ¡°Scientific Outlook on Development¡± so as to bring our company to a more harmonious and wonderful future.