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Taifeng Steel participated in Queensland mining machinery exhibition a success
2014-08-12 21:00:10

At the show, the steel industry, the company vice president Zhao Chunfeng, International Trade Minister Xu Haiying, clerk Chen Hui, based on previous master customer resources to take the initiative to the exhibitor's booth to discuss the conveyor recommend our steel industry products, communication industry understanding between the earnest search for potential customers.

After they tireless efforts, the show has achieved encouraging results.
First, the customer card twenty-one were received, directly negotiate cooperation with the intention of customers six, two-site customer inquiry. Customers high quality, are quality customers, track offer after very appropriate, establish cooperative relations.
Secondly, the solid old customers in Australia, the development of new customers and further enhance the visibility of our steel industry in Australia Tai Fung mining machine industry, has accumulated a good reputation, has laid a good foundation for the future to get leaps and bounds in Australia.