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Steel Industry Passed the ISO9000 Quality Management System Audit Oversight
2013-11-25 02:53:29

    November 20, China quality certification center for evaluation group Taifeng steel industry had the ISO9000 quality management system supervision audit, the audit after a day of intense but orderly work, Taifeng steel industry successfully passed the audit.

   In the audit, the reviewers divided into two groups, by listening to reports, the investigation records, sampling products, according to the ISO 9000 standard, respectively, management review, monitoring and measuring device control, data analysis, continuous improvement, production and service provision control, product protection, identification and traceability, process and customer-related corrective and preventive measures carried out carefully, strictly regulate the audit. After checking to verify the audit team to fully understand the basic situation of Tai Fung steel industry, the company verifies the conformity of the quality management system, continuing suitability and effectiveness of operation.

     After a day of the audit, the experts convened last meeting raised several issues for improvement, while commending the steel industry quite a system of cultural atmosphere, not only works well, but the company has formed a system of cultural characteristics. Company leaders at the end of the meeting, stressed that all departments should continue to focus on the management and operation of the system, to further improve the system of consciousness, the audit recommendations made ​​by the experts for analysis and discussion, to develop practical measures to continuously be improved in order to improve the company system operational quality, provide better quality products and services to users.

    Our goal is not just to get a quality certification, and more importantly, in the future work to be continued in accordance with ISO 9000 standard implementation of standardized management, and constantly found substandard quality system and service factors exist to effectively analyze and make improved to provide customers with better service, better meet user requirements, improve user satisfaction.