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Build a better dream Of Taifeng----2014 New Year's greetings
2014-01-13 01:06:17


              Greeting the New Year festive and peaceful atmosphere, ambition and pride of our hearts, loaded with hopes and dreams, to bid farewell to an extraordinary 2013, ushered in a vibrant 2014. Here, on behalf of the company board of directors, party, cadres and workers to the hard work of the whole group on various positions of my highest respect and good wishes!

              Standing on a new starting point in 2014, looking back in 2013, a lot of emotion. Over the past year, the economic situation is extremely grim year for the development of our business is extremely difficult to accept the challenge of the year. 2014 was a breakthrough in the Group's development, promotion year. The face of domestic demand growth is still facing severe downward pressure on the economy, the group will "deal with the crisis for survival, the use of strong quality crisis, to overcome the crisis and development" for the idea, and strictly implement the municipal government decision to deploy.

             Construction of "double hundred Taifeng" is our business dream, dream and Chinese companies closely linked dream, build dreams, we can help Chinese dream.

              Finally, I wish you have a Happy New Year, family happiness!